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Heating is colloquially considered a luxury, and more in a country like Mexico, where the heat is taken as a daily. But when it comes to specialized industrial processes or performance and production in greenhouses, heating is not a luxury, it is an absolute necessity.

And as part of an industrial process, not a question that can be left to chance, is a matter of vital importance that may mean increasing the profit margin of a company, or total loss of investment in it.

Understanding this fundamental need, in Van Triest Engineering Group works to give the customer not only products of the best brands with proven quality, but also the necessary technical support for users who decide not see your confidence in your investment risk.

The mission of Van Triest Engineering is to provide the best product, best support and better care.




Display of O2 and COe measured values

Calibration of measurements

Applicable up to 1200 °C flue-gas temperatures

COe measurement not influenced by ingress air




The LT3-F is a failsafe SIL 2 rated combustion gas analyser that uses the KS1D combination probe to measure O2 and COe (unburnt oxidising components) directly in the flue gas. The LT3-F enables oxygen trim and CO Control to be implemented with a single probe when connected over the LAMTEC SYSTEM BUS (LSB) to any LAMTEC Burner Management System controller (BT300/Etamatic/FMS/VMS).
When used with the KS1D combination probe the LT3-F continuously measures the O2 concentration and oxidising components (CO/H2) in non-combustible gases in the super-stoichiometric area.

Technical Data


Mounting house of sheet steel

Protection class:

IP54 with display

Dimensions (HxWxD) mm:

300 x 300 x 120


approx. 6 kg

Ambient temperature operation:

-20 °C ... +60 °C

Ambient temperature transport and storage:

-20 °C ... +70 °C

Power supply:

120 VAC ... 230 VAC, 50 ... 60 Hz

Power consumption:

Typically 30 W

Maximum 69 W

Range of measuring:

O2: 0 ... 21 Vol. % (configurable)
COe: 0 ... 10.000 ppm (configurable)


O2: 0,1 Vol. %
COe: 1 ppm

Analogue, digital Inputs/Outputs:

see download area (technical data LT3-F)

Measuring probe:

see selection criteria


EC type-examination certificate:

  • DIN EN 16340:2014-10
  • DIN EN 13611:2011-12
  • DIN EN 60730-1:2012-10

SIL 2 Confirmation:

  • DIN EN 61508 part 1-7
  • DIN EN 16340

EC-declaration of conformity:

  • 2009/142/EC (gas appliances directive)
  • 2006/95/EC (low-voltage directive)
  • 2004/108/EC (EMC- directive)