Introduction - Water Treatment

WATER TREATMENT The ideal balance between pre-filtration, equipment and the minimum amount of additives is the most important part of a good water treatment program. Very often dosing large amounts of additives is the most chosen solution as this benefits profits, where other methods could have been implemented and the same result obtained.

The German VDI 2035 is there an example from, where the focus is good system design and pre-filtration without any system inhibitors to be added, we have been developing a similar treatment for large industrial and horticultural heating systems. The principal is easy, try to avoid as many things as possible with mechanical solutions and/or pre-filtration. And only use a very small amount of additives.

TEST KITS Our test kits are built to customer specification, from a simple Droptest kit up to single or multi-parameter photometer kit to define more as 250 parameters, but also single parameter meters for; pH, Conductivity, Chlorine or Redox.

WATER SOFTENERS Scale formation is the main problem in industrial and domestic applications, we offer a solution for each size. At home to avoid stains on shower and sinks, heating equipment losing its efficiency due to scale formation. But also for industrial equipment; hot water, steam boiler or cooling systems. When temporary softening is needed we can offer rental units from small to big capacity needs.