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Combustion Management System CMS

Whether it be a standard industrial combustion or complex process application, LAMTEC’s revolutionary CMS Burner Management System sets new standards in control automation

Combustion Management System FMS

The FMS contains all VMS functions. However, it also contains the combustion controller and if necessary, a leakage monitor too.

Fuel/Air Ratio Control System VMS

The VMS adjusts up to four (VMS4) or five (VMS5) control elements as a function of a control variable (generally the burner load) according to freely programmable curves.

Electronical Fuel/Air Ratio Control ETAMATIC

The ETAMATIC was specially developed to control all the processes and functions of monoblock burners. Designed for mounting on the burner, it combines in one compact housing all the functions necessary for burner control .

Electronical Fuel/Air Ratio Control ETAMATIC OEM

The ETAMATIC OEM is designed to be mounted at the burner itself. An integrated device like the ETAMATIC OEM also offers significant advantages during commissioning.

Burner Control FA1

All that you need for the entire control of the burner is placed in the compact design.

BurnerTronic BT300

The combustion management system BT300 is designed for the standard equipment of small monoblock burner.

Graphical Customer Interface GKI300

Burner visualization and control by using a touchscreen.