F130I - Flame Monitoring Device

  • Flame monitoring device for main and Ignition flame ;
  • Ionization-based flame monitoring;
  • Approved for continuous operation with ionization;
  • Approved for intermittent operation with UV tubes and LDR sensors;
  • A two-channel system with electronic self-monitoring;
  • LED based status display;
  • Plug-in module for top hat rail assembly;
  • Designed for installation in control panels;
  • No modifications needed for country-specific mains frequencies
  • SIL 3 as per DIN EN 61508-1-7


The F130I flame monitoring device is LAMTEC's new safety system, designed especially for monitoring ignition and main flames. The F130I flame monitoring device by LAMTEC provides operators of industrial firing systems and power plants with a reliable high-tech device for flame monitoring.

The F130I uses ionization to monitor the flame. Optical flame sensors can also be connected to the device. The F130I flame monitoring device is particularly impressive when used for more demanding monitoring requirements, such as monitoring in firing systems with single burner flames. The ionization-based F130I flame monitoring device has been approved for permanent operation.

The evaluation device may only be operated with the approved flame sensors. The F130I is not designed for the direct switch-off fuel valves. The subsequent signal processing must be carried out in the control system, which is adapted to suit the firing system in question.

Selection criteria:

Sensor type F130I input For fuel Continuous operation Wavelength range
UV tubes UV Gas / Oil No 190 … 270 nm
LDR, visible LDR Oil No 450 … 800 nm
LDR, visible LDR Oil No 400 … 800 nm
Ionisation ION Gas Yes -

Technical data:

Power supply voltage:

230 VAC +10 % -15 %
120 VAC +10 % -20 %

Flame and signal contact: Floating
Mains frequency: 47 Hz … 63 Hz
Safety time "operation": tVoff ≤ 1 s
Mode of operation: Continuous operation
Protection class: IP20
Operating temperature: -20 °C … +60 °C
Dimensions: 114 x 120 x 45 mm (WxHxD)
Weight: 0,5 kg