Compact Flame Scanner F200K

F200K - Flame Scanner with LED indicator
  • Compact case with integrated flame sensor and switching amplifier
  • Intensity adjusts in multiple steps
  • Digital circuit design for flame evaluation
  • Status indication by LEDs 24 VDC operating voltage
  • Two electronic channel system for fail-safe operation and supervision
  • LED bar flame intensity indication and 4 (0) ... 20 mA analog output
  • LED bar trend indication selectable for an optimum adjustment to the flame direction
  • Available with Class I, Division 2, Group A, B, C, D, Hazardous Locations

In single-burner and multiple-burner furnaces, the flame detector performs high-safety monitoring of the burner flames.

When the flame switches off, the safe control state "Flame off" is reached.

The flame detector is mainly used in large-scale power plants, thermal power stations, and chemical plants as well as for monitoring furnaces which are operated with:

  • Oil
  • Gas
  • Bio-mass
  • Dust coal
  • Chemicals and other waste products

Selection criteria:


Spectrum / nm

Preferred application / fuels

F200K1 UV-2
F200K2 UV-2

210 ... 380

Oil, gas (special gases of Refinery- or blast furnaces)

F200K1 UV-3
F200K2 UV-3

F200K1 IR-2
F200K2 IR-2

850 ... 1200

Oil, gas, coal, firing with high flue gas recirculation,
waste gases with yellow color without UV-radiation
respectively with the absorption of the UV-radiation by
vapor or dust etc

F200K2 IR-1
F200K2 IR-1

1200 ... 2800

Coal dust