Cleaners to remove combustion deposits

Cleaning solutions environmentally sound for Oil and Gas fired equipment

Produced by Hebro Chemie (Germany), the products under the Fauch trademark have been specifically designed to remove combustion deposits from water heaters and steam boilers using any types of fuel (gas, solid fuel and liquid fuel (diesel and used oils)) from the combustion chambers. Designed to remove soot, wood tar, and other contaminants. For more than 15 years they have been widely used in Europe and have proven themselves well. Fauch products are approved and recommended for use by leading European manufacturers of boilers, such as Unical, Crone, BKC, Viessmann, Bosch, Loos, Buderus, Vaillant, Protherm, Junkers, Bosch, Wolf, etc. in the user and service manuals.


Fauch-200 Soot remover

Fauch 200

Soot remover for heating boiler systems

Burner faults, an incorrectly adjusted burner, clogged air vents to the boiler room and other malfunction sources for insufficient combustion air can be causes for the formation of flaky soot in the heating furnace. The heating will switch itself off as the result of these faults. It is impossible to restart (the boiler) without removing the flaky soot. Mechanical methods (extraction) are costly, unpleasant and create a lot of dirt. The flaky soot can be comfortably burned off by using modern catalyzer blends.

  • Removes the remains of fuel and soot layers in diesel and gas boilers.
  • It is a catalyst - the soot ignition temperature from 650 to 800 ° C - decreases to about 300 ° C. This allows the soot flakes to ignite and burn out.
  • Contains a solvent that can penetrate even into a thick layer of soot. The solvent in Fauch burns at high temperature and speeds up burning

Packing size: 5 kg plastic canister

Fauch-300 Soot,Tar remover

Fauch 300

Soot and tar dissolver for oil and solid fuel powered boiler systems

Oily, Tary and even hard deposits similar to graphite can develop under unfavorable conditions for combustion, such as when the burner is incorrectly set or when burning moist solid fuels, especially wood. These layers can hardly be removed mechanically. Similarly, resistant deposits can also develop in smoking chambers, from fatty vapors and the products of thermal fission.

Fauch 300 is an alkaline cleaning concentrate with special additives that can be diluted as described. It penetrates the soot layer and makes it dry. As a result, the layers become easily separable and can be removed mechanically.

Packing size: 5 kg plastic canister

Fauch-400 Oil Furnace cleaner

Fauch 400

Cleaning concentrate for oil-powered boiler systems

Fuels contain sulfur and other constituents, which form incombustible layers on the boiler wall during combustion. Even an optimum combustion setting does not prevent this formation of layers. Very slight deposits of soot and sulfate cause the temperature of the flue gas to increase considerably. A 1 mm thick deposit of soot or sulfate increases the temperature of the flue gas by approximately 50 °C, this signifies an increased consumption of fuel.

Fauch 400 serves to clean the combustion chambers of oil-fired boilers. It removes unburned deposits without any problems. Reduces susceptibility to corrosion and the formation of new deposits after cleaning. It is a slightly alkaline cleaning concentrate

Packing size: 5 kg plastic canister

Fauch-600 Gas Furnace cleaner

Fauch 600

Special cleaner for gas-powered heating systems

Gas-fired heaters must also be cleaned. Dust. Hair. Fibers and other solid matter are sucked in with the combustion air and burnt. The combustion residues partially bake onto the heat exchanger's fins and form deposits. Gas-fired, continuous heaters are particularly affected. There is a danger of overheating with this equipment, as the result of soiling: this can cause damage to the equipment. The heat exchanger's fins can bake together; which will effectively cut off the draught of gas in the flue. Toxic combustion gases will enter the dwelling in this case; which can cause dangerous poisoning.

Packing size: 5 kg plastic canister