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Lambda Probe LS1 - Oxygen Probe

The proven sensor for measuring O2 in waste gases for all kinds of industries.

  • Calibration with ambient air
  • Linear measurement signal
  • For applications up to 1400 °C
  • Fast reaction and response
  • Increasing measurement precision in the range of 0 ... 21 % O2

Lambda Probe LS2 - Oxygen Probe

The proven sensor for measuring O2 in exhaust gases up to 300 °C.

  • Applicable up to 1200 °C (depends on type)
  • Fast response and setting time
  • Easy to handle
  • Low operating cost
  • Low maintenance cost

Combination Probe KS1D - Carbon Monoxide and Oxygen

Zirconium-dioxide probe for direct measurement of unburnt elements (CO/H2) in combustion exhaust gases.

  • Heated, electro-chemical measuring cell, made of zirconium dioxide ceramic (ZrO2)
  • Use of proven measuring principles
  • Simultaneous measuring of oxygen O2 and detection of oxidizable (combustible) parts of flue gas
  • Display as COequivalent (COe), Cost-efficient measuring for monitoring and optimization of oil- and gas combustions