Compact Flame Scanner F200K Ex

F200K Ex - Flame Scanner with LED indicator

Compact case with integrated flame sensor and dual amplifier for fail-safe operation

Intensity adjustment in multiple steps

Digital circuit design for flame evaluation

Status indication by LEDs

24 VDC operating voltage

Two electronic channel system for fail-safe operation and supervision

LED bar flame intensity indication and 4 (0) ... 20 mA analog output

SIL 3 following DIN EN 61508-2


In addition to the successful use of the compact flame monitor F200K, which has proven itself in all types of combustion (oil, gas, etc.), LAMTEC also offers the Ex version of the device for different requirements.

This version expands the capabilities of the F200K, especially for applications in the chemical and petrochemical industries.

The 2ooK Ex features:

  • 2 switchable sensitivity ranges (externally switchable via contact)
  • 6- step selectable range adjustment for sensitivity for each range separately

Selection criteria:


Spectrum / nm          

Preferred application / fuels

F200K1 UV-2 Ex
F200K1 UV-2 Ex II
F200K2 UV-2 Ex
F200K2 UV-2 Ex II

210 ... 380

Oil, gas (special gases from refinery- or blast furnaces)

F200K1 UV-3 Ex
F200K1 UV-3 Ex II
F200K2 UV-3 Ex
F200K2 UV-3 Ex II

210 ... 380

Oil, gas (special gases from refinery- or blast furnaces)

F200K1 IR-1 Ex
F200K1 IR-1 Ex II
F200K2 IR-1 Ex
F200K2 IR-1 Ex II

1200 ... 2800

Oil, gas, coal, firing with high flue gas recirculation,
waste gases with yellow color, without UV-radiation
respectively with absorption
of the UV-radiation by vapor or dust etc.