Combustion Management System

BT300 - BurnerTronic Burner controller + User Interface

Modular firing management

3 channel fuel/air compound

Optional CO / O2 control for combustion optimization

Integrated flame monitoring and tightness control

Simple parameterization with symbols


The BT300 combines the advantages of an electronic fuel/air composite control with up to 3 motorized actuators and optional modules such as motorized actuators. a module for controlling the speed of the combustion air blower with an electronic burner control unit. In addition, the leak-tightness control, flame monitoring, power controller and CO / O2 controller (option) are integrated to control and optimize an oil/gas burner.

The BT300 is suitable for almost all combustion plants. Safety chains, monitors (eg gas/air pressure) and sensors are connected directly to the BT300. The expense of additional relays and wiring is reduced enormously. The BT300 was designed for attachment to the burner. The short wiring paths save additional costs. The BT300 is therefore particularly suitable as standard equipment for monoblock burners.

The compact and modular design of the BT300 burner control system also offers advantages during commissioning. The standardized wiring and the uniform user interface minimize sources of error in advance.

Technical Data:

Voltage supply:

230 VAC +10/-15 % 47-63 Hz
115 VAC +10/-15 % 47-63 Hz (option)


max. 30 VA

Digital Outputs:

3 Fuel valves max. 1 A
Air-fan max. 2 A
Oil pump max. 2 A
Ignition Transformer max. 2 A
Alarm output max. 1 A


Polycarbonate + ABS


1,0 kg