ETAMATIC OEM - Burner controller

Burner control system

Electronical compound, up to 4 channels

Connects to PLC systems

Simple to program

10-bits resolution

Can be operated from PC

Integrated load control

Integrated leakage test

CO/O2 control integrated

Can be installed directly on the burner

The ETAMATIC OEM is specially designed for installation in the burner. Additional costs are saved through short wiring paths. The ETAMATIC OEM is therefore particularly suitable as standard equipment for monoblock burners.

The Startup Manager for ETAMATIC OEM supports the commissioning engineer during the initial installation of the burner as well as during adjustments of the burner settings by means of the Handheld Startup Manager unit.

Technical Data:

Power supply:

From 115 VAC -15 %
To 230 VAC +10 % 50/60 Hz

Ambient temperature

+0 °C … +60 °C

Ambient temperature
Transport and storage:

-25 °C … +60 °C

Resolution, per
analogue input:

999 digit, 10 bits

Recommended running-time for actuators:

30 s … 60 s

Continuous outputs:

0…10 V > 5 kΩ


0/4 … 20 mA < 600 Ω

Digital signal input:

14 (The line shall not be longer than 10 m)

Digital outputs:

Main gas 1, main gas 2, oil valves, ignition valves, ignition transformer, fan, oil pump, fault

Number of curve sets:

2 per channel (e.g. for oil/gas multi-burner)

BUS connection:

Via LSB-adapter BUS-connection optional for:
     • Interbus-S (Phoenix)
     • Modbus
     • Ethernet (Modbus TCP)