combustion management system

FA1 - Burner controller

Control output for mechanical or pneumatic compound

Connects to PLC systems

Simple to program

10-bits resolution

Can be operated from PC

Integrated load control

Integrated leakage test

Can be installed directly on the burner

It is possible to adapt the burner control FA1 with the most different combustion tasks. Start with and without pilot burner may be set for oil and gas separately. The integrated leakage check may take place alternatively before ignition or after shut-down.

The display of process status signals and fault status signal takes place in plain text in the chosen language. A running time meter is integrated, which counts the burner’s running time both gas and oil. All starts are counted separately for each operating mode.

By request, the Burner Control FA1 adopts the load control of the burner. External setpoint shift (weather control) and start control are included.

Technical Data:

Voltage supply:

From 115 VAC -15 %
To 230 VAC +10 % 50/60 Hz

Ambient temperature

+0 °C … +60° C

Ambient temperature
Transport and storage:

-25 °C … +60° C

Resolution per analog input:

999 digits, 10 Bits

Recommended run-time of the positioning drive:

30 s … 60 s; distance max. 10 m; max. current 50 mA

Digital signal inputs


BUS coupling:

Via LSB adapter BUS card optional for these systems:

  • Interbus-S (Phoenix)
  • Profibus DP
  • Modbus
  • Ethernet (Modbus TCP)